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If you want to lead anything, get real!

It seems that, every day, leadership makes the headlines.  Only yesterday, the news that Britain's top bosses enjoyed a 10% pay increase in 2011 - 12, way above UK employees, will rightly lead to more controversy about bosses rewarding themselves for mediocre performance.

Finding meaning and happiness at work

Life’s irony never ceases to amaze me.  There I was, on the way to the BBC Scotland studio in Edinburgh when I stopped by at Haymarket station to buy some rail tickets.

Scenes like this before have been accompanied by silence, or the odd word.  I’ve had officious, surly ticket sellers, and friendlier types, though not often with conversation extending beyond the weather.  However, this particular chap was different.  He was chirpy beyond the usual call of duty.

So what would Aristotle think?

If there’s one word that is used to describe the world we live in, that word is ‘rational.’  Rationality is a highly prized commodity, particularly in the Western world.  We are generally expected to behave rationally.  When I did my economics degree, all talk was of the rational consumer, buyer or seller.  At work, rationality tends to be rewarded as a behaviour, and people who make decisions on more emotional grounds are often derided as ‘weak.’

Quiet and Proud – why introverts are great too

Is it just me?  I’ve lost count of the number of introverted people I meet in my work, who say things to me like:

“I’m an introvert, so I can’t network”

“Leaders are always extraverts, so I don’t think I can lead”

Or my personal favourite:

“I’m an introvert, but I wish I was an extravert!”

Five ways to build your resilience

With record numbers of people suffering from stress, and major challenges both at work and home for many, the wartime request to 'keep calm and carry on' has never been more relevant.  Here are five ways to increase your resilience, to better deal with setbacks and stressful situations.

Set clear goals

Personal Development in 2012 - vacuum anyone?

November 2011 has been an interesting month.  A month of near unremitting bad news, which featured the near collapse of the Euro (which will eventually happen), and 1 million 16-24 year olds out of work in the UK.  Against this backdrop, we have the City of London encouraging the Government to cut higher rates of income tax to encourage "entrepreneurial activity".  The BBC has got in on the act with a new series about money, which began by looking at the rise of wealth coaching.

The fraud of authentic leadership, by Elise Lelon

Leaders who describe themselves as "authentic" are like sentences that start with, "To be honest" or "The truth be told." More often than not, they're warning signs of lies to come. Whenever big cheeses proclaim "authentic leadership" as their effective guiding principle, chances are they're not so authentic, and they may not be effective or principled either.

How easy is it to be around the people in your life? - by Elaine Kennedy McIvor

It is easy to associate with like minded people. Would you agree? The challenge comes when you find yourself associating with people who are of like minded. People do influence how we feel, some people bring us energy the "CheerLeaders in life" others drain it the "Vampires".

What's your genius – Damien Senn

Pablo Picasso, was once asked by a journalist "what does it feel like to be Picasso, master of the arts?"

Picasso slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out a dollar bill.

He took a pen in his hand and signed the dollar bill before handing it to the journalist.

The famous painter then remarked "that dollar bill is now worth $500.. that is what it feels like to be Picasso!"

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