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Jobs worth? A tribute to Steve Jobs

It isn't often that I write a tribute to someone who has died, but I found that I was affected by the sad death of Steve Jobs.  Death sometimes has that impact on me, particularly if it was someone I saw as brilliant.  Michael Jackson was the last occasion where this happened.

But it is strangely different with Steve Jobs.  For a start, I managed to avoid the Apple empire almost entirely.  I don't have an iPad, Pod or Phone.  I sit in the Microsoft, MP3 player, Android camp.  So why the impact of his death on me?

Five reasons why we should think like the devil....

It's interesting how many words are devoted to the importance of connecting with our own intuition and feelings. Much personal development literature now focuses on this point. Indeed, many of my articles have centred on this. But now it's time to redress that balance... because thinking matters. In this article, I look at why.

Awaken the energy of leadership within, by Jayne Warrilow

Know thyself and be happy – a contradiction in terms?

A number of years ago, I attended a talk in Glasgow, given by the Dalai Lama. I remember his key message that day being that "everyone has the right to live a happy life". It was perhaps a surprise coming from someone whose country was invaded and occupied when he was barely out of childhood, more than fifty years ago. His words, his simple message, resonated strongly with me then - and it still does.

An Integral Approach to Public Health, by Professor Phil Hanlon

I am part of a group of researchers and practitioners who are exploring a new approach to public health that, we think, may interest people.

Resistance - Is it futile?

Those among you who watch Star Trek, of the Patrick Stewart hue, will be familiar with that brilliant catch-phrase of the human-machine race of conquerors, the Borg. They went into battle with the phrase "resistance is futile, you will be assimilated" - and if it hadn't been for Patrick Stewart, they would undoubtedly have won!

Choice versus Decision by Bruce Muzik

I was watching a very funny movie called Nacho Libre, starring Jack Black. I was moved by the lead character’s determination to become a famous wrestler in Mexico and it dawned on me that there is a powerful message underlying this story that may make a difference to your life.

Growing up – maturity or obscurity?

I am writing this article ten days after the birth of my son. This is my first encounter with fatherhood, having come on board later in my life than most people do. However, seeing Simon for the first time was wonderful, and leads to many different questions I now think about. How will he turn out? What sort of a life will he lead? What will he look back on when he is my age? As with every parent, I imagine, I hope he's looking back on a life of achievement and happiness.

The Pursuit of Happiness by Kate Trafford

Are we aligned? Five ways to tell

There are many personal development articles out there that deal with essentially the same thing - how to move from where we are now, to where we want to be.

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