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Five easy success strategies for overcoming procrastination now - by Ruth Crone

Procrastination is... actually, forget that... most people are already experts in what it is because they’ve practiced it daily!  When you’re stuck and standing reading more about what it is just slows things down and is another form of procrastination.  What’s going to serve you better is action. 

Just a habit - by Mark Lister

Do you ever notice this happening with you?
1. You’re doing some task, one you’ve done plenty of times before. Someone says something like “Why don’t you do it this way?” or “Why don’t you do that?”
2. You find yourself thinking, “That’s clearly a good idea – why on earth DON’T I do it that way?”
3. So you do it differently this time.
4. BUT the next time you come to doing the same task, you do it just as you’ve always done.

Overloaded? Take action before something snaps! - by Jackie Cameron

The parable of the Training Bag

A few years ago, I was travelling – by bus – to deliver a speaking skills workshop in Edinburgh with my daughter, Claire, who was coming along as a volunteer/participant. I was carrying my kit in a selection of bags – pencils and props in a sports bag, flip paper in a Tesco bag( classy) and of course my handbag full of other odds and ends. Shortly afterwards she gave me a gift of a lovely Paperchase tote bag to use as my Training Bag to help me look like I was a professional trainer!!

The role of inconvenience

A few weeks have now passed since the momentous events that took place throughout Egypt and particularly in Cairo. The overthrow of a repressive regime by 'people power' is something we have seen before, and we can only wish that Egyptians now get the kind of government they want, rather than ending up with another dictatorship no better than the last one.

'If you want to change: stop trying' by John Johnstone

It’s the start of a new year and the TV and Newspapers are full of adverts for wonder weight loss programmes, gym memberships, and ‘find that dream job’ websites – it makes it all sound so easy doesn’t it?  I wonder how many of us have signed up for one of these offers full of hope and determination only to find that after a few weeks we’ve tried really hard but failed in our efforts and feel stuck again?    So it’s very easy to fall into the try hard – fail - self criticism trap.  It goes something like this:

Personal identity - An occupational hazard?

Personal identity - an occupational hazard?

A few months ago, I had a really interesting conversation with a woman (we'll call her Ann) about empowerment at work.  She talked about her experience compared to her father's experience.  It really made me think.

So what did she say?

Positive thinking is useless, by Jim Bouchard

It's time to grow up. Our fascination with positive thinking is destroying ambition and turning us into a society of mindless worshippers bowing at the feet of gurus who guarantee that all desires can be realized by proper manifestation of thought.

Does positive thinking have any power at all? If so- why do so many negative people achieve wealth, status and power while so many positive people struggle?

A happy new year – ignore the doom-mongers!

So we near the end of another year. If you're like me, you will be reflecting on what has gone before, and wondering or resolving on what might happen in the forthcoming year. For me, it's also a time when I tend to slow down a bit, partly because I am taking stock. Now I have slowed down, it's funny what I'm noticing.

Three responses to our personal identity crisis

We face an epidemic of personal identity crises in the western world. I outlined the five modern challenges to personal identity in a previous article. In a crisis, we tend to return to questions like ‘who am I?’, and ‘why am I here?’. Questions about identity and purpose of life. Our identity matters because we can't truly be ourselves if we don't even know who we are.

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