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The hitch hikers guide to personal development

Let's face it, there is so much stuff out there on the subject of personal development. Books of all shades adorn shelf after shelf in our national book stores. That's before we consider online sales, and all the self-published work out there (which includes a lot of mine).

It's enough to put people off - I mean, where does one start? The aim of this article is to give you a place to start.

Interview article - Davide De Angelis, the nature of power

1. What was it that triggered your personal development journey?

Does it always pay to be positive?

There is much written about the importance of being positive.  The idea that if you view life through an optimistic lens, not only are things more likely to turn out well, but you will feel better anyway.  The 'glass half full' mentality does serve people well.  In contrast, it is equally clear that viewing life through a negative lens can cause depression, and can certainly reinforce one.  The ideas behind cognitive behavioural therapy are that changing the way you think can improve your life significantly.

The four principles of ethical power

How do you feel about your life?  Are you on a treadmill, doing things you don't want to do?  Do you feel that you could only become powerful at the expense of integrity?

Power is a funny thing, and it has fascinated me for many years.  On one hand, it is essential to life, and to living.  Without power, the ability to convert energy into momentum, we have no life at all.  Yet most people I meet don't want power.  Isn't that strange?

Why the 'Secret' should remain that way

Many of you will be familiar with one of the iconic books of the modern self-help movement, the 'Secret'. Indeed, to call it a book ignores the DVD and the CD's that bear the same name. It also ignores the movement of disciples that has grown up around it.

The five modern challenges to personal identity

It's widely accepted now that 'being ourselves' is one of the keys to personal happiness. It is also a key to effectiveness in the workplace, at home, and in our personal lives.

In this article, I outline five reasons why I believe it’s harder to ‘be yourself’ than ever before.  In a subsequent article, I will deal with how we might raise our self identity and develop our own unique authenticity.  Understanding the five reasons will help us tackle the dilemma of 'why am I so miserable when I'm so well off'.

Well, I declare...

I declare this blog officially open, the Brilliant Futures business blog. May it live long, and prosper, and may many sail through its words.

Right, down to business...and the business of Brilliant Futures today is declarations. You may have a picture of some guy on a street corner soapbox making some sort of declaration (or proclamation). That's not far off the point.

Five ways to find your heart's desire at work

The desire to be productive is a universal human need. We are programmed with the need to leave our mark on the world, and 'work' is a big part of that. We endeavour to do things and achieve things, whether or not we're actually paid to do so.

Bringing personality into work - a good idea? - by Linda Buchan

Have you ever been in a social environment where a stranger has entered it and you have immediately been turned off or taken an instant dislike to them?

Have you ever been in a presentation or a meeting where you have immediately switched off and decided not to listen because you didn‟t like what you saw?

Metaphorically speaking...

So I walked up the last few steps to the 'Guarded door'. Not the first time I'd trod these steps, but somehow it felt different from all the previous times.

Buchalwood was sitting there, expecting me. At least that was the impression her expression gave me. A coaching queen with a difference. No self directed learning with her. You tell her your problem, she gives you the answer, you do it. Saves so much time compared to finding my own answers....

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