Finding meaning and happiness at work

Life’s irony never ceases to amaze me.  There I was, on the way to the BBC Scotland studio in Edinburgh when I stopped by at Haymarket station to buy some rail tickets.

Scenes like this before have been accompanied by silence, or the odd word.  I’ve had officious, surly ticket sellers, and friendlier types, though not often with conversation extending beyond the weather.  However, this particular chap was different.  He was chirpy beyond the usual call of duty.

He chatted about his work relationships.  As the sole male in a female team, he clearly enjoyed winding up his colleagues in a nice way.  He then told me a joke that he told them earlier, and they said they didn’t find funny.  I found it funny!  A cheery goodbye, and I was off to my work.

This guy did the same job as other more surly types.  So what was the difference?  Simply put, his attitude towards work - that’s what was different.  He had decided to make a difference, making himself cheerier as a result, but also making the place brighter for his colleagues.

This fact mattered.  It mattered because I was being interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland on the topic of how to make your working life happier.  The answer was simple – just do what this guy does.  So not only did he cheer me up.  He also made my radio interview easier.

Now that’s finding your work purpose....