Five ways to build your resilience

With record numbers of people suffering from stress, and major challenges both at work and home for many, the wartime request to 'keep calm and carry on' has never been more relevant.  Here are five ways to increase your resilience, to better deal with setbacks and stressful situations.

Set clear goals

Set goals for what you want and need to achieve in your life.  Clear direction makes it less likely that you'll be blown off course by a setback.  The old saying is true that "if you don't know where you're going, you will end up somewhere else."

Develop your optimism

People who see the glass as half full fare better than those who see it as half empty.  Keeping setbacks in perspective is important.  One failure doesn't mean "I'm a failure."  There's always another day, and believing that day will be better is important.

Establish strong relationships

Resilient people have good, supportive relationships they can rely on.  Relationships that build you up, not ones that drain the life out of you.  If there aren't many positive people in your life, find some - that will help keep you optimistic too.

Focus on what you can change

Deal with the situations you can make a difference to, and stop resisting what you cannot change.  Resisting things you have no power over wastes your energy, and non-resilient people often waste their energy in this way. 

Put the past behind you

We can't change what's already happened.  So learn what needs to be learned, and move on.  Leave the rest of what happened in the past.

If you learn to do the above things, you will find that your resilience levels increase.  You will take life's setbacks more in your stride, and recover from them faster