How easy is it to be around the people in your life? - by Elaine Kennedy McIvor

It is easy to associate with like minded people. Would you agree? The challenge comes when you find yourself associating with people who are of like minded. People do influence how we feel, some people bring us energy the "CheerLeaders in life" others drain it the "Vampires".

Who you are in the presence of other people and their "stuff."  The energy you bring and how you choose to respond or react to conversation or situations is entirely up to you.  You can learn so much from others. How you perceive them is your choice. The thoughts that are in your head affect only you. You are a great example to others

When people are behaving negatively they are usually coming from a place of fear or even pain. They are probably acting on automatic pilot. Responding in the only way they know how in that moment.  If they are not in a great place, there is no point in you going to that place with them.  

Every interaction you have affects you. There is a silent energy exchange when you are interacting with people.  You don't always have to say anything. The atmosphere can say it all. Pay attention to and protect your own (energy) emotions, feelings, by being consciously aware of how you are feeling when you are around others. You never know what is going on in the life of other people. How they are being treated at home, at school, at work.  Everyone needs a source of good energy in their life.  Be the source of good energy in your own life first, then you will have plenty of good energy to spread around.  

A simple technique I learned years ago when I worked with Jack Black the creator of "MindStore" was to use a bell jar.  A bit like a giant jam jar.  He advised his audience to bring down an imaginary bell jar that was triple glazed and let all negative energy and emotions from others bounce off it. I tend to use this or what I call my imaginary "glass screen" on a daily basis. Everyone has access to it. The mind and the imagination are powerful tools, the more you learn about them the more tools you can add to your box of tricks.

Life is for living and enjoying. People like being around people like you because of the energy you bring. Don't let anyone take your good energy from you.

Have a great day!  When you lighten up your mind. You light the way for others.

Elaine :)

Elaine's Life Motto "You don't get older, you only get better".  Elaine is a passionate individual who loves life. Finding people fascinating. She declares that her success is down to her audience.  Living in the laboratory of life, Elaine's daily interactions with people never cease to inspire her work.