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Is it time to stand up and live?

"It's as if the fire went out of me. I don't think there was one point where it went, but it probably did over a period of time. The redundancy five years ago didn't help. That gave a big knock to my confidence at work, the first time I've failed to achieve. The worst bit was that I don't think it was my work performance that cost me. I think it was just that my face didn't fit, and given the opportunity to get rid of a few people, the 'powers that be' took the chance and removed me" (Stand up and live - Mark Eyre).

Is it time to stand up and live?

I wonder how true these paragraphs are for so many people?  People who have lost their way, and know that life could somehow be better.....if they could only work out why.  They are the opening lines from my book 'stand up and live'.  I wonder how many people could write something similar about where they are.  If this is you, or someone you know, then the nine steps to ethical power could be for you....

Getting to a sense of 'self'

Who am I? Why am I here?

The search for who we are has been a timeless quest.  Rene Descartes four centuries ago talked about 'I think therefore I am', and this statement is no less important today.  In this video, I examine two approaches many people use in an attempt to get a sense of their own identity, and why they are not enough. The key step is to look within ourselves, and not outside.  In other words, Descartes was right.

What would the elderly say?

In this video, I talk about a survey I heard about a few years ago, when a cross section of the elderly were asked one simple question - what advice would you give the younger generation for how to live their life?  Watch the video to find out what the lessons were, and why they are relevant to personal development.

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