'Stand up and live' eBook is available

Are you approaching 2012, wondering how you can empower yourself in your life?  If so, Martin's story will show you the nine steps to ethical power.  These are key to living your own life to the full, and helping others live theirs.

Until now, Stand up and live has been available exclusively in physical form or on PDF.  It has now been launched in eBook form, compatible with reading devices ranging from the iPhone to Android phones and all other reading devices.  Currently for sale on Smashwords, it will shortly be available from Amazon.

For little more than £1.50 or $2.00, you can take the first steps to change your life.  To find out more, click the Smashwords link here.

"A brilliantly captivating read. The reader is intrigued, challenged, and fulfilled during this powerful, life-changing journey of discovery" - Valerie Will