Well, I declare...

I declare this blog officially open, the Brilliant Futures business blog. May it live long, and prosper, and may many sail through its words.

Right, down to business...and the business of Brilliant Futures today is declarations. You may have a picture of some guy on a street corner soapbox making some sort of declaration (or proclamation). That's not far off the point.

You see, the opening of this blog marks the end of a chapter in the evolution of Brilliant Futures. A new website, a suite of products (coaching, workshops and written), and we're here to stay. Part of that offering includes a declaration process, which allows you to make clear what it is you want to create in your work and life.

My declaration

Brilliant Futures is the result of a declarations process itself. It all began in April 2009, while I was still working for a consultancy, doing global work. At the time, I faced a decision on whether I wanted to stay there and work towards partnership. The organisation adopted a declarations process, where once a year we would present to our colleagues what we wanted to create in the next year. 18 months ago, I decided to go for it, and talk about what I really wanted.

In summary, I wanted a balance of individual and organisational work, and more local work, rather than spending my entire life at airports. I wanted to become more involved in career coaching, and to taking my offering to people who might not normally have access to blue chip consultants. I had a burning desire to write a book on personal power. In my personal life, I wanted a home base with a great relationship, strong family and a good friend network. There were other things too.

When I presented this to my work colleagues, I might as well have written my resignation letter there and then. Global consulting did not fit well with what I wanted.

What happened?

In short, this is how things have changed for me in the last 18 months.

  • Brilliant Futures is created, alive and well.
  • I wrote 'Stand up and live' which is now published.
  • I have a career transition offering, both coaching and written materials.
  • I am married. In April 2009 I hadn't even met my wife!
  • I have a great group of friends, a stronger family life and a great home base.

There's much work still to do. So what is my point?

It is this. Declaring your intentions publicly is a crucial way to make a change in life - and the bigger the change, the more important it is. I believe it operates on many different levels.

  • The people you 'declare' to will expect you to act. Declaring it publicly meant I had to get on with it.
  • There is something strange kicks in with the universe. I found I started meeting people who helped me to achieve what I wanted. The law of attraction does work on some kind of level, even if it is over-hyped at times.
  • When you tell yourself 'I'm going to do this' your brain kicks in, at a subconscious or unconscious level, reinforcing your commitment. I also suspect your unconscious brain simply notices things that are in line with your declared aims. To take a trivial example, if I declare that I want to buy an i pad, I suddenly start noticing all those people who have one, whereas before I didn't notice. Having noticed, I might talk to a few, and find out about a great deal for buying one.

My last declaration has ridden its course largely. My way of saying I'm due to make another one, and I plan to do so shortly, and publicly.

So what is it you want to declare?



Loving this Mark. As you well

Loving this Mark. As you well know, you alone have the power to choose how you live your life. Well done for taking these great first steps. I look forward to seeing how brilliant futures develops ... And to hearing your next declaration!

Great blog Mark. Would be

Great blog Mark. Would be good to catch up some time. Very inspiring stuff. Thank you for sharing it