What's your genius – Damien Senn

Pablo Picasso, was once asked by a journalist "what does it feel like to be Picasso, master of the arts?"

Picasso slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out a dollar bill.

He took a pen in his hand and signed the dollar bill before handing it to the journalist.

The famous painter then remarked "that dollar bill is now worth $500.. that is what it feels like to be Picasso!"

Every time I recall that story it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. For me, it's a constant reminder of the rewards that flow from spending a lifetime dedicated to what you are truly good at.

So what's your Genius?

If you want to succeed in business it is critically important that you are able to work out where your true talents lie.

Take a moment to think about the 3 things you do best (no reading forward until you have them - close your eyes if you have to!)




You should also consider asking your three closest friends what they believe you three greatest talents are. Compare their answers with your own. It just might surprise you!

The Entrepreneurial Challenge

One of the biggest challenges every entrepreneur faces, particularly when starting out in business is trying to be good at everything (no lecturing here - I'm actually working on this one myself!).

But consider what would happen to your business if you could completely flip this one around? What could you do to focus more of your time on the things you are truly good at? How could you attract people to do the things that you don't have a natural talent for?

Employee Performance Appraisal

If you've ever worked as an employee, chances are that you've had to endure a typical performance appraisal. You know the ones I'm talking about. Where you spend a couple of minutes talking about the things you've done well and then a couple of hours talking about all the things you need to improve upon. Often the result of this kind of approach is that you spend the following six months focusing on all the things you aren't good at, sending your motivation into freefall. Can you imagine the collective effect of this approach where entire organisations are in a similar frame of mind?

As an entrepreneur, I don't believe you can afford that kind of luxury. It is of critical importance that you create the habit of recognising and developing your strengths and delegating your weaknesses.

What would you like your business to be recognised for?

So what are the extraordinary things that you would like your business to be recognised for? How far and wide would you like that recognition to spread? Do you want your business to be the best of its kind in your local town, city, country or across the globe?

If you can maximise the time you spend developing your core genius and can find an effective way of commercialising your ideas, you'll very soon be banking your own autographed dollar bills!


Damien Senn is a highly sought after Internet Business Coach, Radio Show Host and Creative Alchemist.   He works with authors, speakers, coaches, trainers, healers, spiritual teachers and thought leaders within the personal development arena to bring messages of empowerment to the world.

Damien is a gifted intuitive and specialises in helping people to connect with and express their true life message.