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On this page, you will find a number of free personal development resources, which you might find helpful.  If you have any comments, reactions or questions, please come back to me – full contact details are on the contact page of this website.

'Discover your career path' download

  • Do you get that Monday feeling?
  • Are you no longer excited by work?
  • Not sure what you want to do anymore?
  • Lost your job, and want to think about your next move?
  • Are you planning to return to work, but not sure to what?

If so, it's time you discovered your career path! This learning guide will give you time to do this by:

  1. Taking account of your own individual personality
  2. Discovering your own unique work offering
  3. Identifying the work environment that would best fit your own personal values
  4. Building your own career vision for the future
  5. Pulling together an action plan to move you there.

It's time for you to work out what you really want to do.

It's time for you to discover your own brilliance.

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'Discover your career path' may be the best free investment you'll ever make… 

Articles from previous Newsletters

Listed below are the articles from previous editions of the Simply Brilliant Newsletter.  Feel free to download any you think might be helpful.

Bringing change to life - and how we resist it

Published July 2010

  • This article is for anyone who has attempted to make significant personal change, and has failed or found it difficult to do so.  Here are some key points about how and why we sabotage our own change, and more importantly, what to do next time we try to change something.

Download a PDF version of the Brilliant Article - Sabotage Change.

The myth of self help - three reasons why pink fluff is tough

Published July 2010

  • Self help has been wrongly linked to self indulgence, the charge being that it's soft and fluffy.  This article outlines why the critics are mistaken, and how important helping ourselves is to living a great life.

Download a PDF version of the Brilliant Article - Myth of Self Help.

The nine steps to ethical power video series

Watch a series of videos where Mark Eyre talks about each of the nine steps to ethical power, from his book 'Stand up and live'.  Watch them in sequential order, or pick the ones that are most appropriate to you.

Introduction- Why is ethical power important if you are to stand up and live?

Step 1- Recognise power as essential to life.

Step 2- Notice your feelings in the moment, to work out whether your power is being exercised or undermined.

Step 3- Identify what it is that trips your power switch. Work out the situations where you lose your power.

Step 4- Assess your current level of power by examining each area of your life. The happier you are, the more empowered you are.

Step 5- Get clear on what matters. Decide what's important to you, your life purpose and personal values.

Step 6-Let people know where they are undermining your power, to bring it into the 'open'.

Step 7 Part 1 and Part 2- Use assertive behaviour to build your power base up with others.

Step 8- Remain a powerful individual in the face of the pressures that exist in society, such as the pressure to conform.

Step 9- Use power ethically. Be empathic to other people's circumstances, and avoid manipulating them.