Career Transition Packages

The UK and global job markets have never been so competitive as they are now.  Even mid and senior level roles in organisations typically receive at least 50 - 100 applicants per advertised vacancy.  Employers can afford to be fussy about who they want, while recruiters are inundated with CV's from candidates, with very few vacancies on offer.  People applying for jobs can often find they simply hear nothing in response to their job applications.

Never has the old saying been so true that "it's not what you know, it's who you know".  70 - 80% of job vacancies are now filled through the hidden job market.  They are not advertised anywhere.  What's more, for senior level jobs, that percentage is even higher.  So finding ways to get at these jobs is crucial to success, through networking and other means.

Our career transition options focus on just this - how to find the jobs you're looking for, and maximise your chances of success.

We offer two levels of career transition support, depending on how much ongoing support you think you'll need.

Career Progress    

This programme comprises seven face-to-face sessions of 1 ½ - 2 hours in length, covering the following areas:

  1. Assessing your career to date
  2. Defining your career goal and offer
  3. CV and letters
  4. Job interview techniques and approaches
  5. Live job interview
  6. Routes to the job market, and networking
  7. Carrying out your marketing plan

By the end, you will be equipped with all the key job search techniques, covering both 'visible' and 'hidden' job markets, and a clear sense of where you want to go.  This programme will generally last from 2 - 3 months.

Career Progress Plus

This programme is suitable if you require more ongoing coaching and project support during your job search.  You receive the same seven sessions outlined above, but you receive additional coaching and project management support for a six month period from your programme start date.

This support includes a further five one-hour face-to-face career coaching sessions.  These sessions are intended to provide further career support and guidance as required, as the job search unfolds and issues arise.  While not an exhaustive list, these sessions could include the following - further interview practice, drafting and agreeing letters, presentation skills, building self confidence, social networking, and refining job approaches if required.

For the duration of the programme, ongoing email and phone support would be available, e.g. to discuss letters or obtain guidance on approaches, and any other project management support.

To find out more about any of our career transition options, please get in touch on 07981 716110, or

“I had the pleasure of working with Mark at Personal Career Solutions, where he was responsible for delivering career coaching and mentoring to clients looking to further enhance their careers. Mark's clients always received the highest service levels and bought into his style of coaching. This was highlighted through the many clients who then went on to achieve their goals. With a wide industry knowledge and good understanding of the challenges in today's job market, he always delivered. Always a friendly chap with a great sense of humour Mark was truly a pleasure to work with.” - OS, Project manager

Alternatively, we offer help if you have very specific needs, like an upgraded CV or interview practice.  To find out more, click the 'Interview coaching and practice' or ‘CV review’ links.