Interview Coaching & Practice

  • Do you lack confidence in interviews?
  • Are your interviews not getting you work?
  • Want interview practice for a job you really want?
  • Unable to get interview feedback, so you can improve your performance next time around?

It's almost impossible to get interview feedback nowadays.  So this product is designed to give you a realistic interview practice.  That way, you get to practice being interviewed for the job you want, before you have to do it for real.  Interviewed, that is, by a trained interviewer, who will then give you detailed feedback on how you come across.

How it works is like this....

  1. We have a 90 minute interview coaching meeting, which includes how to answer a range of difficult questions.
  2. You send details of the job advert you're interested in, any other information you have on the vacancy, and a copy of your CV or job application.  These should be sent to
  3. We agree a date and time for the interview to take place.  This can be face to face, by phone or via Skype.  If it's a call, you call me.
  4. We both prepare for the interview, as if it's for real.
  5. The interview meeting takes place.  Total time 90 minutes, with 50 - 55 minutes on the interview, and the rest of the time spent on giving feedback and tips for the future.

"Thank you for all your time, counsel and help over the past few months.  It was all invaluable and I feel much better equipped now for my quest for work"- Solicitor

With an HR and management career spanning 25 years, I have extensive experience of all aspects of the recruitment and interviewing process.  I am a fellow of the Chartered Institute for Personnel & Development.  For further information on my background, click the 'About me' page.